Growing Innovation

Growing an Innovative Organisation
Being an innovative organisation doesn’t just mean having innovative products it means having everyone in the organisation constantly thinking about how to improve or change what they do in order to reach the organisation’s goals.
Everyone in your organisation can be innovative and by creating a culture of innovation you will bring about a change in how people think about their work. When people have permission to be creative and innovative in their work they will be happier and more productive.
Our programme will challenge participants to think innovatively about what they do and how they do it. Most participants will take the learning and challenge their colleagues to do the same. To that end, we provide the participants with the tools they need to facilitate and encourage innovative thinking in their teams.

Some quotes from clients:
‘Thank you for the 6 Innovation Modules. They have been really interesting and definitely going to be helpful both now and in the future!’
‘I really like all the course materials and that they are available online.’
‘I found the course very interesting and stimulating and think that it will prove to be very useful for both the department and participants in the months to come. I have particularly benefited from understanding the different personality, learning and innovative styles of team members and will be using these to maximise the team’s efficiency and to improve tolerance and understanding amongst them.’
‘This course should be compulsory for those at the top of the organisation.’
‘I will be using the ideas and techniques to engage my team and better focus on our objectives and more innovative ways of achieving them.’
‘I have valued the mental space this course has given me and I will be encouraging others to take this opportunity as well.’
‘It has given me the courage to be brave about suggesting something a bit different once in a while.’
‘I will be changing my personal career goals as a result of this programme’
‘I can see that I will be more effective at dealing with external stakeholders as a result of this course’
‘I’m already finding novel ways of achieving my objectives.’

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