Leadership Integrity

The Context
Leadership is not for wimps. Political and business leaders in particular have a huge responsibility to lead human progress. The quality of our thinking, intentions, motivations, decisions and actions is crucial to create the kind of world we want to live in.

Just for a brief moment, consider how happy you are with the state of your world, of your life. How has the state of our global economy affected you and those you know and love? How do you feel about the short term thinking and selfish behaviour of some of our business leaders in recent years? How secure do you feel about the on-going (some would say escalating) tensions between different nations and religions? How comfortable are you with the way we treat the precious natural resources of our planet? How proud are you of the world we will be handing on to our children and theirs?

We could be creating a world of which we are all proud to be preserving the good stuff and changing the things we know to be harmful to human existence and happiness. We need the courage to face our most important challenges with a willingness to co-lead and learn with global hearts and timeless vision. We need to have a deep and abiding integrity that enables us to put the world and human progress at the core of every decision we make and every action we take.

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